Love the skin you're in! Take charge of your health and beauty today with professional skin care.
Unsure of which facial is right for you?  Let your skin care specialist help you decide.  The New Client Consultation Facial is your starting point.  This is a chance for us to get to know one another and discuss what is happening with your skin and what kinds of changes you would like to see.
NEW CLIENT CONSULTATION FACIAL    -  60 Minutes      -     $45

Every new client begins with our Consultation Facial.  During this 60 minute service your licensed esthetician will perform a complete skin analysis, followed by a 20-30 minute face and scalp massage.  Using PCA Skin professional products chosen especially for you, Judy will cleanse, tone, treat, hydrate, and protect your skin.  During this visit, any questions you may have will be addressed.  You will leave with a customized daily regiminen and treatment plan designed to best help you reach your skin care goals.   

RESULTS FACIALS   -  30 Minutes    

Get fantastic results in only 30 minutes!  Judy will care for your skin using highly effective PCA Skin products to cleanse tone, treat, hydrate and protect your skin and get you the best results in the shortest time possible.  Great lunch time facial or when you're pressed for time!

30 Min Results Facial $45
30 Min Acne Facial w/Electrotherapy $50
30 Min Results w/ Therapuetic Mask $55
30 Min Results w/ Microdermabrasion  $65
30 Min Results w/ PCA Peel $65
RESULTS & RELAX FACIALS    -   60 Minutes

These 60 minute services deliver everything you get in your 30 minute services plus 30 minutes of relaxing facial massage and advanced PCA Skin corrective serums and treatment products.  Try the Gold Coast Non-Surgical Face Lift for instant firming and tightening.

60 Min Results & Relax Facial  $60
60 Min Acne Facial w/ Electrotherapy          $65
60 Min Results & Relax w/ Therapuetic Mask   $75
60 Min Results & Relax w/ Microdermabrasion   $85
60 Min Results & Relax w/ PCA Peel  $85
60 Min Gold Coast Non-Surgical Face Lift  $95

These 90 minute facials will leave you pampered from head to toe!  Take all of the wonderful PCA Skin products used in the Results Facials, add in the relaxing facial massage and steam from the Relax Facials, and push it over the top with a foot, arm, and hand massage with hand or foot Thermasoft treatment.  You will be radiant, relaxed, refreshed and renewed!

90 Min Results, Relax, & Rejuvenate Facial  $80
90 Min Acne Facial w/ Electrotherapy  $85
90 Min Rejuvenate w/ Therapuetic Mask  $95
90 Min Rejuvenate w/ Microdermabrasion $105
90 Min Rejuvenate w/ PCA Peel                 $105
Arms - 1/2                                   $25
Arms - Full $35
Bikini $30
Brow Shaping $15
Brow, Lip & Chin $25
Chin $13
Leg - 1/2 $30
Leg - Full $45
Lip $10
Underarm $20
30 Minute Swedish Massage $40
30 Minute Swedish w/ Hot Stone    $55
60 Minute Swedish Massage $60
60 Minute Swedish w/ Hot Stone $75
90 Minute Swedish Massage $80
90 Minute Swedish w/ Hot Stone       $95
Hand Massage w/ Thermasoft Treatment $20
ADD ON Thermasoft Treatment Hands OR Feet $12
30 Minute Back Facial                       $40
60 Minute Back Facial $60
Airbrush - Foundation Only $30
Airbrush - Full Face $55
Airbrush - Bridal Full Face w/Lashes    $75
Brow Tint $15
Lash Tint $15
Lashes - Individual Tabs $25
Lashes - Strip $15